Chiragkumar Limbasiya, Pioneering the future of lab-grown diamonds

  • April 23, 2024
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Chiragkumar Limbasiya, Pioneering the future of lab-grown diamonds

Chiragkumar Limbasiya, Director of Bhathwari Technologies Private Limited, a part of the Bhathwari Group, is a symbol of determination and practical wisdom in achieving monumental success.

Born into a family with strong roots in the diamond industry, Mr Limbasiya’s journey to the summit of the diamond world is a story of resilience, innovation and dedication. 

Despite a modest academic background, his early exposure to the diamond trade through his father, Shri Bakul Limbasiya, ignited a passion for the industry within him. He immersed himself in mastering the practical aspects of business.

Under his father’s mentorship, Mr Limbasiya embarked on a mission to revolutionise the diamond industry. In 2002, at a time when lab-grown diamonds were primarily low-grade and meant for industrial use, Bhathwari Technologies achieved a breakthrough by cracking the code for producing high-grade gemstone-quality diamonds through the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process at commercial scale.

The company has not looked back since and is the world’s largest producer of CVD diamonds with an annual production of 5 million carats. Mr Limbasiya’s ability to learn swiftly and adapt to change has been instrumental in steering the Group through rapid expansion.

Showcasing its commitment to self-reliance, the Group also designs and manufactures its own machinery and plasma reactors. Mr Limbasiya takes pride in the fact that every component of their machines is made in India, ensuring cost-effectiveness and superior quality diamond yields. 

Says Mr Limbasiya, “We are the largest player in CVD diamond production in the world and hold more than 30% of the country’s total lab-grown diamond production capacity, but our success is not just about the diamonds we produce but about the innovation and perseverance that drive us forward. We are not just shaping diamonds, but are shaping the industry’s future.”

Looking to the future, Mr Limbasiya sees boundless opportunities in the lab-grown diamond market and remains committed to maintaining the group’s position at the forefront of the industry. He is not just a leader but a visionary guiding the Group towards a future where innovation, sustainability, and self-reliance converge to shape the landscape of the diamond industry.

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